Faith in its many forms, has been pretty much a prerequisite for humans to acquire a state of mental peace. Faith isn’t just on supernatural, but in many cases on political and social systems, and also in human inventions and innovations. 

But faith can be blinding too; irrespective of it being put in some unearthly Demiurge or fellow human being. In the great civilisation of Ancient Egypt, sphinx was constructed in front of Pyramids as it was believed it would protect the tombs of the Pharaoh. But subsequently people forgot about who constructed it and when; and in an age of ignorance started believing Sphinx to be a God and even started worshipping him. 

There are numerous example of such blindsided faith all over the globe. Although the magnitude of their ‘influence’ varies. As one can see even being carved in the stone implies the structure being built by humans, not to mention the hand drawings of swans, the opening is decorated by a brass bell. It signifies the structure being used as a religious site. 

So what did we learn today. Yes Jim Adams, go on, don’t be shy. 

The high school kid with his careless attitude rose up looked around and declared, “Humans, majority of them, are stupid.” 

The class suddenly burst into laughter. 

Written for this week’s Thursday Photo Prompt from Sue Vincent

11 thoughts on “Folly

  1. The vast majority of people will respond quickly and put in their two cents when someone mentions their name in a post, but I have no comment, except that I don’t believe in this Demiurge who is supposed to be responsible for fashioning and maintaining the physical universe.

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