They say he lives in heaven
Heaven, they say, is the place he lives
The heaven, I say, is within me
So I ignore him, as he can’t ignore me.

They say to love and praise him
As it will bring me close to him
I say why should I cry out his name?
He listen to everyone, everyone including me.

Some say he is just an imagination
That he was, still is, just a mad man dream
I say, I sleep at my bed peacefully
While over him they loose their sleep

So why I should heed the words of many?
While they follow the word of few,
I will follow a path I make
Its destination,  my own subjective truth.. 

Linked to dVerse. Paul is hosting with the theme being ghazal. I don’t know if the above poem can be described as one. Feel free to criticise. 

5 thoughts on “Stance

  1. It is a beautiful statement of your truth but not a ghazal. The main themes to follow to achieve that goal are the use of the refrain ( twice in the opening couplet) and then once, on the second line of subsequent couplets. There is the option of using your own name in the final couplet. Finally there is a version of the form which uses a rhyme scheme as well as the refrain. It’s a complicated wee beastie. Your poem is a wonderful thing and you might think about writing on this theme for the ghazal. It’s the prefect theme.

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