It wasn’t an oddly comfortable sight, but it still showed hope. No carcass, just bone. Bone and not bones. Where was the body, Why the head alone.Wasn’t that strange. But who cared? No one.

They rushed towards it. Both of them, a bone meant some living thing crawled on this land. That means this land bear life. I know it’s strange, but a death showed signs of life, which oddly enough gave them hope.

As they looked around the bone they realised that something was wrong, deeply wrong. But before they could react one of them stabbed the other one. You see hunger is a powerful tool with which if used wisely any species can be tamed or hunted. So we decided why not observe our own species, and in each and every scenerio we threw at these ‘subjects’ we found out, that in nine out of ten of these fictional hunger situations that we created one person ate the another. Pure cannibalism.

You must be wondering what happened in the tenth situation, well in the tenth situation the subjects killed each other simultaneously, more like a suicide pact. What’s it that made them react differently than the other 9 pairs? Strangely it was their genetic traits, you see they were what we would call related. Which means that unknown to us, they knew each other beforehand, as being members of some tight knit group.

So it seems that the individualism and the state family separation policy which we practice, is still has holes, as in Economically Deprived Units (EPUs), residing on the outskirts of our civilisation the ‘family’ concept still lingers.

So what’s the solution you ask?  Well if the food source is terminated, the EPUs will become lawless, and we would have a shorter problem to deal with. After all as you may have noticed from their clothes, these subjects were taken from the EPUs only. The name of the mission will of course be Donner. After all, you get no prizes for guessing why we chose that. 

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.



“Well I don’t understand philosophy”, said James letting out a puff of smoke from his mouth. “What’s the big idea that I have about humanity in general, you ask, I don’t know.How could a single being, a part of a billion similar, yet different beings be naive enough to give his thoughts, and brand it as truth on that topic?”

“Many if not all of us know for a fact that we are limited to this planet for survival, it’s not like that we can just ride a spaceship, and go to different planets. Yet this common knowledge is ignored. There seems to be a dichotomy, a rigid one I might add between truth and personal truth. However for many of us, if not all, the latter seems more genuine, than the former. Irony you say,more of a paradox for me.”

“So why the human race shouldn’t be destroyed?That’s a valid question, considering that you were created by humans like myself to control our destructive nature. Well,if there is one good reason that I can say against the ‘eradication of human notion’ is that you are a prime example of why we should exist. I mean if you’re not being able to control our destructive nature, than you’re doing a pretty shitty job if you ask me. And the way that you’re trying to cover it up, by eradicating us, is more human in nature than you think. I’ll simply say it out loud, you’re displaying similar signs of human behavior, that you want to destroy.”

“James knew at that moment the humans will survive as unlike the morality issue that was a personal choice for humans like him, the moral code written for the assailants in their program will deter us to carry out the final phase of the plan. It just gave humans enough time to plan a virus and destroy us one by one. Now the technology that we build alongside our high tech hardwares are looted. So I will say this to you, as you will be the ones to survive this extermination, to do keep embedded these words in your source code; and also to forward the same to any alien  species you encounter. Don’t trust humans.”  

Snapping, on a wrist 

A loop that holds,
Holds my sanity
And still some push
Push me to the limit
They think I can hold
Hold, whatever is thrown at me
But when I snap and hurt them back
Their wrist get sore
Their mind goes blank
Their thoughts, like myself breaks…
Their numbness, with my severed body
Is the only thing that, remains…. 

Linked to dVerse Poetics. Sarah is hosting. The theme relates to mindfully writing about something in one’s hand.


Johnny raised his eyes to catch a glimpse of the clock, the clock which like him has been a participant as well as a witness of numerous changes. 

A deep sadness emerged in the heart of Johnny, there it was all broken and old, out of place like him. The life like the clock, winding down. 

Now like the irreparable clock, an irreparable life reflects a bygone age for Johnny. The only thing he now wants is peace of mind. An embrace from Dark Angel awaits… 

Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers prompt. Photo credit: J Hardy Carroll


Unwavering I stood, to face the fears
Vanquished, being the conclusion
Wary, I was now being left alone
Xenium of fear, by the darkness
Yielded, under pressure it flowed
Zizz, of my parents finally broke

Linked to dVerse.  Lillian is hosting with alphabet sestets. I don’t have to tell, but it’s not a great memory of my childhood. 

Lie, and wait

Forsaken, the reasoning
Lionised, rambling words
Foreboding, cheering fanatics
Lie their utmost.
Lie yourself silly,
Tell the lie and honor the devil…
As the potentate declare,
“Cowards lie many times before they rest”..


Linked to dVerse Poetics. Jilly is hosting with the theme of giving twisted adages.