I have to admit the world does look more and more stupider these days. It’s also weirdly seems divisive, a trend I’m afraid with the assist of social media, will only increase. 

Who knew that in this age of science and technology where one understands that basically we all are humans, the segregation based on multiple identities (colour, sex, race etc.) has increased? What’s more disturbing is the nature of such action, is voluntary. Yes, no one is forcing, steering or putting subliminal messages in your brain. It’s like being ignorant, and being proud of it at the same time. 

So you can have a country like US which by the way (no offence to those from US), has overthrown more governments than anyone in the world (Iran, Central Asia, Egypt, Central Africa, South East Asia, to name a few), being led by the buffon, and the rest of the world suffering from the some or other sectarian impulse (OPEC, SAARC, Commonwealth, EU, Shanghai Cooperative organisation, to name a few). 

What I see, or anyone with an iota of common sense, is a world more connected; yet divided. A world where allegiance is based not on humanity, but on economic interest, and as a matter of fact is ever-changing. What drives me nuts is the helplessness of the situation that we are in. 

So Yeah! If anyone thinks there are good times ahead, call me a cynic, but I only see dark cloud on the horizon. 

Written for Sensei’s one word prompt FOWC. It’s just plain old blabber, feel free to skip. 



It’s no wonder, a birdbrain you’re, you’re after all a bird. The unknown may attract you; as you’re still to explore the humble abode in which I reside. 

So you come and peck on the window. And yet you don’t know of how I too; strike the same window to escape. If only I had wings like you, for when I once did breached and escaped, I was just caught and brought back. 

So you stupid bird you’ll see, one day I will, successfully I might add, scarper. And on that day I will welcome the unknown and will leave this ‘known world’ behind. 

Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit: Jean L. Hays.


It’s a sight that he ignored,  ignored as he, like his wealth, took it for granted too. But now as he struggled, and met his forgotten friends; called fear and hunger, he remembered the comfort and warmth that he felt bathing in it. 

In the bitter coldness of that first dark night, when he shivered violently, he immediately understood the helplessness of the situation he was under. He wanted to cry, let out a howl of anguish developing within him. But he stopped, fearing it might attract some animals, who too like him, would be hungry. 

“Better be alive than waiting for the death to arrive”, he whispered, the words bearing a nervous smile. 

His eyelids got heavier, he feared that soon; because of the fatigue, he might pass out. Suddenly his exposed back felt a warmth which he desperately needed. As he turned he was welcomed by the sight, that as mentioned before, he ignored and took for granted, the sight of dawn. Those lights of hope, and not to mention their warmth, embraced him. 

At that moment he could hear someone calling out his name. He knew that the rescue team was nearby, but before calling out to them,  he strangely for a minute or two gazed at the sight, which earlier in his life was a nugatory phenomenon, the sight of that earlier, hope-filling dawn. 

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt


It’s too crowded for my taste. If only Evelyn was here, time flies when I’m with her. Unlike this place where time stand, or appears to be standing still.

Why bother, I ask. Didn’t Buddha said, “In the end we, and all our creations perish”. Why we need to remember. Is it because we the humans have a tendency to keep records? I mean record keeping is the signature activity of our species.

But all these people; don’t they realise that like the records they create, they soon themselves become records, actually some of them already are in them. It’s true what they say, numbers don’t lie. Who knew that the basis of the individualism of the modern capitalistic society; is in reality collectively based on numbers? 

The world after all, was, is and will always remain, a prison.

Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit: Roger Bultot.


There is a growing resentment brewing inside the heart of Pablo Allende. He like Shmitz, his German boss, loves growing the tropical fruit. But recently his own village, not to mention his very  own household, is getting scarce of a natural resource that is vital for survival, water. 

Pablo was working in the fields when he overheard Schmitz; “New saplings are required. The Chinese market may soon open up, if everything goes right”. Pablo suddenly went weak at the knees. He tried to compose his demeanour, but his eyes betrayed his superficial emotional cloak,that he tried to elegantly put on his face. 

Schmitz didn’t care, he knew the Chilean had water vows,  but for him a booming demand meant a booming business. He went towards Pablo and said, “Your salary will also be doubled. Not to mention that you will become a manager in the plantation too.”

At that moment Pablo knew that the demand of Avacado around the world will make his homeland dry. “But”, thought Pablo, “At least I will not be out of job.”He silently whispered, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” 

Written for Sensei’s one word prompt FOWC

It’s complicated 

No one said life was going to be easy. But come on people, everyone thought no matter how tough it will be at least it would be simple, in terms of what to expect and what to get, right. As a millennial, I grew up in two different worlds, yes I’m a millennial, a pre iPhone one. I’ve seen the birth of internet. I’ve seen the rise of market Capitalism; or as some would say Consumerism.

I’ve also seen terrorism, the views of Catholic Church changing, and people getting more and more conservative in their approach. I’m also afraid I’m seeing the decline of Western hegemony of political power, also the rise of the Asian communist giant China (who knew, right).

So the world is not simple, your life is not simple, the environment too is changing, literally I mean. (Climate change too is not simple, not for idiots and Scientists alike).

So the world has become a shitty place, people are becoming less tolerant (and more religious), while majority of my generation are turning out to be ignorant (worse than hippies in their negligence of world affairs), and to top it all off, we have a Trumpster in office. Simple, I don’t think so. If everything goes south, I am going to blame the baby boomers, (Not Sensei and Jim) just kidding, or am I? See it’s anything but simple.

Written for Sensei’s One word prompt FOWC


It’s not that I don’t like writing challenges, I do. But lately I have because of my daily (read real life); time constraints, which are due to many reasons I might add, have been unable to write (and read) to my heart’s content. 

I’m not writing this to tell why these constraints exist, but I do admire writing and reading of all of my friends (and Sensei) posts, here at WordPress. So whatever little time I do find, I make sure to read,  and if time permits, comment on the fellow bloggers post. This may sound as an excuse, but those who know me (and my earlier site) can give testimony to my voracious appetite for writing. 

So if I’m writing less and less these days, or missing out to comment, or even not dropping by to say Hello, it doesn’t mean that blogging is now a picayune activity. On the contrary I with my limited free time do when the time permits, relish in it. 

Written for Sensei’s one word prompt FOWC