“No the building was not meant for remembrance, but more as the idea of showcasing extravagance. It’s a prime example of profligacy.”

“A man I believe is remembered because of his works, his words and most importantly his conduct. Nothing is needed more for a dead man than a few feet of land. After all no one, not you, not me, nor anyone else is going to take anything from this world. And I do mean anything, even those who have everything are no exception to this rule.”

“I don’t agree with the analysis. It’s self contradictory statement.”

“What do you mean?”

“You started by saying that a man is remembered by his work. So you ignored the person who constructed this mausoleum, and instead focused on the person who commissioned it. Thus it’s not an idea of profligacy, rather an idea of preservation. You see long after our bones have turned to dust, this mausoleum will showcase the art style of our times. It will become a piece of history. And so I ask the House to grant the necessary funds to erect this landmark in remembrance of our great leader.”

As he sat defeated the parliamentarian looked outside the window and murmured, “Even the dead have houses, the citizens well for them there are always, I guess, streets.”

Written for this week’s Thursday Photo Prompt from Sue Vincent.

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