It was told to me that writing is an art. A personal one, I might add.

But it’s an art that like others was required to be learned. So picking up a fountain pen and being forced to fill up blank sheets with Cursive writing made it a tedious task.

Regretabble is the fact that nowadays I hardly ever use the might of pen to fill the void of paper. My preference for technology and laziness, I’m afraid, is to be blamed.

Drudgery, to write
Like snow ; falling from heavens
Bounded blank sheets, wait

Linked to dVerse Haibun Monday.  Kim Russell is hosting with the theme of handwriting.

16 thoughts on “Foible

  1. I think a lot of learning to write depends on who is, I won’t say teaching, guiding you. If they do it with patience and kindness, make it fun, then it can be rewarding. But if they are impatient and the exercises are boring, then there’s no chance of success (as they define it).
    I loved writing by hand when I was younger and I quite enjoyed typing on a typewriter when required, but now my writing has deteriorated so much I need a keyboard. But it doesn’t matter how you write, it’s what you write that’s important, otherwise how could we enjoy your haibun?!

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  2. Love your haiku. I sometimes look askance at modern technology. Texting is the bane of my existence! What was the matter with e-mail? At least I could hit one key at a time!


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