It’s not unusual to find solace in the country side, owing to the silence that sweeps the lands. But in urban areas, the silence is, and will remain a blessing that’s rarely showered. 

There is also an eerie silence that dwell the urban landscape, and the hearts of its inhabitants. It hits you, among all the cacophonous unsolicited voices, voices that express concern, happiness, disappointment, a plethora of emotions of their instigators. 

It was during those experiences that I wrote this Haiku. 

The lonely heavens
Being denuded of stars
A cricket,chirping

Written for dverse where Victoria C. Slotto is hosting with the theme of  Koorogi, The Japanese Kigo for Cricket 

I wrote and posted this Haiku previously . Seeing the Koorogi theme, I’m reposting the same. Apologies (for those who consider such actions as spamming or being uncreative). 


The failure to adapt to the desires of many was and will always remain difficult. But there are some who force you to open up, expose you, and then leave you. 

And suddenly you’re left stranded. Questioning why did you ever put trust on anyone other than yourself ?During those times the silence, silently is accommodated by, doubtful inner voices. 

Silently reeled in
Pulled, Like a fish out of water
A dying soul flaps

Written for dverse where Frank is hosting with the theme of silence.


It was told to me that writing is an art. A personal one, I might add.

But it’s an art that like others was required to be learned. So picking up a fountain pen and being forced to fill up blank sheets with Cursive writing made it a tedious task.

Regretabble is the fact that nowadays I hardly ever use the might of pen to fill the void of paper. My preference for technology and laziness, I’m afraid, is to be blamed.

Drudgery, to write
Like snow ; falling from heavens
Bounded blank sheets, wait

Linked to dVerse Haibun Monday.  Kim Russell is hosting with the theme of handwriting.


A protracted disquisition sealed my fate to confront the Nimbostratus, whose thickness have blotted out the sun. A 3 km. bike ride to home was unpreventable. 

After carefully examining the direction of the wind, the bike naturally headed out in an opposing direction. Suddenly the direction of wind changed. The plan misfired, the bike was now not only fighting rain but wind as well. The sight of the road was now blurring. 

Resisting deluge
Tumbled, frame flunged at asphalt
Clouds bear, Lightning grin.


Linked to dVerse Haibun Monday. Bjorn is hosting with the theme of “water”.


Little things can make a big difference. A cascade of small white ice crystals, recasting the landscape. 

Slowly but surely the inordinatedly dispersion start to clasp the etiolated flora. Only motion reveal sigil of life. The trail of my exhale reveal the ‘frost’ in Nature voice.  

Command Attention,
Frost uninvited embrace,
The white,feeling blue

# Haibun#

Linked to dVerse Haibun Monday. Victoria C. Slotto is hosting.