The sudden calmness engulfed him. For a moment he had forgotten the bitter cold winds that pierced his flesh, ignoring of course the swathes of woolen clothes covering his skin. 

Gradually he stopped shivering and was mesmerised by the picturesque scenery which earlier because of the fog failed to materialise. Such beauty, such perfection, it suddenly gave birth to a fear in his mind, the fear that something will ruin this moment. The unexpected queasy feeling interrupted his leisurely thoughts forcing him to ignore those enchanting view of the mountains.

He suddenly looked to his left,and then to his right. After seeing the empty wilderness he made a scorning face, and passing the wind, silently smiled.

“Fandango, you ass”, said his wife standing behind him, “You had to ruin the moment for me too. Oh God, that stinks!”

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. I have been told I’ve been writing some dark posts, so experimenting with some humour.

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