“Well I don’t understand philosophy”, said James letting out a puff of smoke from his mouth. “What’s the big idea that I have about humanity in general, you ask, I don’t know.How could a single being, a part of a billion similar, yet different beings be naive enough to give his thoughts, and brand it as truth on that topic?”

“Many if not all of us know for a fact that we are limited to this planet for survival, it’s not like that we can just ride a spaceship, and go to different planets. Yet this common knowledge is ignored. There seems to be a dichotomy, a rigid one I might add between truth and personal truth. However for many of us, if not all, the latter seems more genuine, than the former. Irony you say,more of a paradox for me.”

“So why the human race shouldn’t be destroyed?That’s a valid question, considering that you were created by humans like myself to control our destructive nature. Well,if there is one good reason that I can say against the ‘eradication of human notion’ is that you are a prime example of why we should exist. I mean if you’re not being able to control our destructive nature, than you’re doing a pretty shitty job if you ask me. And the way that you’re trying to cover it up, by eradicating us, is more human in nature than you think. I’ll simply say it out loud, you’re displaying similar signs of human behavior, that you want to destroy.”

“James knew at that moment the humans will survive as unlike the morality issue that was a personal choice for humans like him, the moral code written for the assailants in their program will deter us to carry out the final phase of the plan. It just gave humans enough time to plan a virus and destroy us one by one. Now the technology that we build alongside our high tech hardwares are looted. So I will say this to you, as you will be the ones to survive this extermination, to do keep embedded these words in your source code; and also to forward the same to any alien  species you encounter. Don’t trust humans.”  



Since I have some free time to spare so I thought this is a perfect time to write a post. A few days ago I had a fight, verbal of course, with a colleague about the concept of personal space. Now the term although objective to define; in its implementation is much harder to define. For the concept is objective to the one defining it, but for the one against or in respect to whom it’s laid out, it is and will always remain subjective.

Can let say asking the whereabouts of a person out of concern for their safety or asking them to refrain from certain products out of health issues be considered as interfering in their personal space? Let be honest we each have used the term, It’s my life. But it’s a life in which there are many people. To each and everyone the view of your personal space is relative to their understanding of their own concept of personal space. 

This concept like many others could be influenced by many things. Culture and race for example, also impact the idea of personal space. So the next time you hear or say to someone the frequent overused phase of, “It’s my life”, understand that your life also includes people surrounding you. And each and every single one of them will have their subjective opinions. 


“I have always believed that these water bodies are mysterious. Although you can see miles out at them, dare to step in and you will find that these are God’s personal labyrinth. Many are now lying in the bottom, testifying silently to its prowess.”

“Listen lads these teach us a lesson, a human being should be like the sea. Although you may have multiple emotions boiling under the surface, you should always stay calm. For those who will enter will never quite catch your conduct, and will always be wary.”

“Finally always know that luck although is important, sometimes is made by the person themselves. Like the lights of the sky guiding the voyage, there is also the light on the shore. It’s although a lucky sight, know that just like God created this maze, we created this structure. It’s a witness and a watcher, build although by coopetition, but symbolising cooperation.”  

“Do these humas know that God will punish them by bringing the flood. Their ‘watcher’ will be the first casualty of the ebb when it crosses its domain. This ‘maze of God’ will feast and fill its belly. The ‘lucky skies’ will start it all by pouring the wrath of the Demiurge?”

“Makes me wonder why humans think they are in control. Isn’t God overreacting?” 

“The last time he overreacted our brother was cast down from heaven. Do you want to suffer the same fate? If you don’t then start preparing for the Deluge. I hope that the future generation will see the Lighthouse symbol more as a warning then of hope. But knowing their track record, I hardly doubt it.”

Written for Thursday Photo Prompt from Sue Vincent.