Snapping, on a wrist 

A loop that holds,
Holds my sanity
And still some push
Push me to the limit
They think I can hold
Hold, whatever is thrown at me
But when I snap and hurt them back
Their wrist get sore
Their mind goes blank
Their thoughts, like myself breaks…
Their numbness, with my severed body
Is the only thing that, remains…. 

Linked to dVerse Poetics. Sarah is hosting. The theme relates to mindfully writing about something in one’s hand.



Unwavering I stood, to face the fears
Vanquished, being the conclusion
Wary, I was now being left alone
Xenium of fear, by the darkness
Yielded, under pressure it flowed
Zizz, of my parents finally broke

Linked to dVerse.  Lillian is hosting with alphabet sestets. I don’t have to tell, but it’s not a great memory of my childhood. 

Lie, and wait

Forsaken, the reasoning
Lionised, rambling words
Foreboding, cheering fanatics
Lie their utmost.
Lie yourself silly,
Tell the lie and honor the devil…
As the potentate declare,
“Cowards lie many times before they rest”..


Linked to dVerse Poetics. Jilly is hosting with the theme of giving twisted adages. 


It sees, but doesn’t absorb
Reflecting closeness as it is
It’s unable to discern
Receiving everything and everyone

It doesn’t touch, yet it connects
To a reality, ever-changing
Quantifying the effect of time
Showcasing nakedness, baring it all

It proclaims without uttering..
Its silence occasionally deafening,
A hefty thwack hitting it’s body
A cracked mirror, a bleeding fist.

#Free Verse 

Linked to dVerse Poetics.  Bjorn is hosting with the theme of mirrors.

Edit: For some reasons I can’t see the widget link. So although it’s for dverse it’s not yet linked. I apologise for misrepresentation.