“A pretty sight, huh”?

“Prettier than before”.

“Looks like Lieutenant is going home all wrapped up. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Just like that wall, his body had a hole ”.

“He was caught off guard by that grenade. It was weird”.

“Yep it was. Lieutenant never realised he will be fragged by us. ”

“Let’s not discuss it. Pretend like it never happened”.

“Oh, don’t worry Captain. We won’t be disscussing it, as you’ll be joining the Lieutenant soon”.

An explosion wiping the surprise look of Captain, as well as his face.

“See Captain. No more you, no more the discussion”.

Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


“It’s quite peculiar that the among all of the victims found in the woods, the crows were lingering around.”

“What’s peculiar about that. Crows are both hunters and scavangers. Aren’t they?”

“Yes, but the bodies are mutilated, and in a manner in which one could not fathom who or what caused it. I’m afraid even the forensics won’t help with this one.”

“They were stranded there for 5 days. Probably they got injured during the hiking exercise. They must have been rendered immobile. But what happened after that?”

“My guess, it’s the crows that did the deed. They are an intelligent avian species. And they must have known through time of the helplessness of their victims.”

“If that’s what happened, that’s horrid. I wouldn’t want to go like that.”

“Trust me you won’t. Imagine how the media will play it out, Hunted by Crows, When Raven Called, A black messenger of Death.. ”

“I don’t care. But it wouldn’t be nice for the grieving families. Of course the park will get the publicity it desperately needed. What are the chances of that happening?”

“Yeah that’s strange.”Late at night he quickly deleted his bookmark links on How to develop Putrescine and Cadaverine. A grin now decorated his face. 

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt.


“Men came from the sea. It makes sense to die in it. I mean with the polar ice cap melting it’s bound to happen. Right?”, asked Beth. 

“You mean the acquatic ape hypothesis. I don’t believe in it”, said Ben. 

“I believe that the first organism to colonize land migrated out of the water”, said Beth. 

“It came from space, how the hell are you suppose to explain the fossils of Ediacaran?”, asked Ben. 

“Why the hell are you opposed to every viewpoint I make. You are ruining our honeymoon, you ass”, said Beth. 

“Well we are from different streams Beth. The sparks will always fly when we are together”, said Ben. 

“You mean we will always fight like this. Boy, talk about ruining the moment. Here we are in front of a lovely ocean and the only  thing we are discussing is how we will fight in the future because of our scientific leanings.”

“Who talked anything about fighting”, said Ben winking at Beth. 

Beth frowned but Ben could see her blushing. 

“The ocean hides many secrets, so does your heart”, said Ben laughing. 

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt.


“What can we be, if it isn’t accompanied by those who stand for us. And when I say stand, I mean it literally as well. Where would humanity be if it wasn’t for still land, still buildings, still trees and the still sun? As these demonstrate stillness is important for development of any species, not just humanity.”

“I disagree with the statement”, said the other voice, “for what you say are ‘still’ are rarely so. The ground moves, slowly but it still does. If it was ‘still’ there wouldn’t be moving plates, and that would mean no earthquakes. Since the ground in itself is moving, the building erected on them are moving too. The tree grows from their roots as well as from their shoots. And sun moves with the galaxy. All these just like the human mind and emotions are completely in a state of flux. And that’s why our species should prioritise our survival, rather than the survival of the alien species. Although we are the colonisers, and this is their planet, we do this for our survival. It is the ‘stillness’ that you talk of that will cause our doom.” 

“Perhaps if we were still, We and this species could have survived mutually. For now our ‘flux’ will be their doom.”

Written for the Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt 


Have you listened to what they said, said in the past, they say in the present too; Earth is a rock. A rock? 

So where do I ask is the sepulchre, the burial monument cut in stone. Where is this nature sepulchre? 

There are many sepulchres, desert and oceans.  Even air I feel is one as it entombs the planet, but there is one that is formed by combining the properties of all other, Snow. Air, water.. Ah! A site to behold. Moreover the colour of white. White, reflecting all visible it attains this perfection. A cascade that inhume the heedless. 

A white canvas of Demiurge, hiding underneath its belly the darkness. 

White reflecting the blackness of life. 

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt


“I don’t get it, what is it that they are doing. Is it a gathering. Is it a party, a get-together, or a reunion. Do you know anything about it? I am worried.” 

“For once stop being a pain in the ass, it’s the same old song and dance.”  

“But when did it started. Last year Gibson finished his high school, there was nothing like this going on. I don’t get it?”  

As Sammy  listened to her dad complaining she took a deep breath and yelled, “It’s just prom, Dad. Grow up.”

Bill with his usual composed demeanour murmured, “Stupid American and their stupid rituals. Never heard of prom here in U. K. Same old Song and Dance… My ass!” 

For my pal Sandi’s Manic Monday Challenge.