“Well I don’t understand philosophy”, said James letting out a puff of smoke from his mouth. “What’s the big idea that I have about humanity in general, you ask, I don’t know.How could a single being, a part of a billion similar, yet different beings be naive enough to give his thoughts, and brand it as truth on that topic?”

“Many if not all of us know for a fact that we are limited to this planet for survival, it’s not like that we can just ride a spaceship, and go to different planets. Yet this common knowledge is ignored. There seems to be a dichotomy, a rigid one I might add between truth and personal truth. However for many of us, if not all, the latter seems more genuine, than the former. Irony you say,more of a paradox for me.”

“So why the human race shouldn’t be destroyed?That’s a valid question, considering that you were created by humans like myself to control our destructive nature. Well,if there is one good reason that I can say against the ‘eradication of human notion’ is that you are a prime example of why we should exist. I mean if you’re not being able to control our destructive nature, than you’re doing a pretty shitty job if you ask me. And the way that you’re trying to cover it up, by eradicating us, is more human in nature than you think. I’ll simply say it out loud, you’re displaying similar signs of human behavior, that you want to destroy.”

“James knew at that moment the humans will survive as unlike the morality issue that was a personal choice for humans like him, the moral code written for the assailants in their program will deter us to carry out the final phase of the plan. It just gave humans enough time to plan a virus and destroy us one by one. Now the technology that we build alongside our high tech hardwares are looted. So I will say this to you, as you will be the ones to survive this extermination, to do keep embedded these words in your source code; and also to forward the same to any alien  species you encounter. Don’t trust humans.”  



So remaining; or I should put it more bluntly maintaining your anonymity online is a difficult thing. And I’m not talking about the technical part of it. The log in cum location and data sharing that comes with signing the T&Cs of online sites, is unavoidable. But what’s more hard is to roll out information that may expose you, with your identity, to the outside world. 

It’s especially hard if you have friends online. As for example, Sensei and Jim are among two of my friends here on the WordPress community. (Their are others too, but including Sandi, more and less we count as family as we started together)

So it’s no surprise when out of the blue I drop some information that well tells a little more about me. And in all fairness, it peak the interest of my fellow community members. Thus remaining anonymous becomes more harder, and this is at a time when pace of my blogging is lacklustre, and not at its best. 

So how to tell about myself without removing the curtains covering my identity. Well taking a cue out of of my pal Jim, here is a song telling a little bit about my life. 

P. S. Not all of its  true. (Psss… It is, except the 2003 part, you’ll understand.) 

Written for Sensei’s one word prompt


I have to admit the world does look more and more stupider these days. It’s also weirdly seems divisive, a trend I’m afraid with the assist of social media, will only increase. 

Who knew that in this age of science and technology where one understands that basically we all are humans, the segregation based on multiple identities (colour, sex, race etc.) has increased? What’s more disturbing is the nature of such action, is voluntary. Yes, no one is forcing, steering or putting subliminal messages in your brain. It’s like being ignorant, and being proud of it at the same time. 

So you can have a country like US which by the way (no offence to those from US), has overthrown more governments than anyone in the world (Iran, Central Asia, Egypt, Central Africa, South East Asia, to name a few), being led by the buffon, and the rest of the world suffering from the some or other sectarian impulse (OPEC, SAARC, Commonwealth, EU, Shanghai Cooperative organisation, to name a few). 

What I see, or anyone with an iota of common sense, is a world more connected; yet divided. A world where allegiance is based not on humanity, but on economic interest, and as a matter of fact is ever-changing. What drives me nuts is the helplessness of the situation that we are in. 

So Yeah! If anyone thinks there are good times ahead, call me a cynic, but I only see dark cloud on the horizon. 

Written for Sensei’s one word prompt FOWC. It’s just plain old blabber, feel free to skip. 


So I’m gonna be breaking up into static soon. Be warned. OK here goes nothing!

What’s the one thing that every goddam sound minded human being knows about himself/herself. The answer can be (and will be) , “Many things”. And among one of those things is the idea of how you’re portrayed, which in a more layman language is written as, “How do I look”? 

Well we all know the answer. I mean everybody knows how he or she is perceived based on their looks. I know that I’m not good looking. Yep I’m just an average looking Joe. Everything about me speaks average. But why the hell would anyone be concerned about my looks. I mean this idiotic, looking like a crackhead; is my face. I’m not telling anyone, “Yo, you look crazy good”. Am I doing that. Nope. So why do you want to put a lipstick on this pig look-alike?Wear a tux, comb your hairs, get those Oxfords (No one wear flip flop on a damn tux, you ass!). 

What’s the point, I mean it’s not like I will be prince charming and woo those lovely ladies. 

So why am I doing this. What’s the point. Why am I saying these things in my mind rather than actually saying these things aloud?

Oh! That’s right. My sibling is getting married. It will be the ocassion when the spotlight should be on the couple. So I bit the bullet and smiled. Even though it made other people be wary of me. 

Now that’s (my face with my smile) Creepy! 


Failure is a peculiar concept as it is something that is always used while associating with other phenomenon. The mark of being a failure majorly, though not always, has been associated with lack of accomplishment(s). 

Much of the failures that one associate in his/her life stem from the inability to meet the social standards that are apprehended by majority as a necessity. It can range from simple failures like, not being able to keep yourself neat and tidy, to extreme failures like failing or bunking your academic year. 

Much of the stigma around Failures arises because of the irrationality in the stats associated with success. For one it is often ignored that success is subjective and unlike failure; success is more highlighted in our popular culture. 

For example you might have heard ( it is now popular these days) as how the majority of reported millionaires and billionaires of today’s world are college dropouts. Given that the group is not even making 1% of the current global population, also ignoring other factors like their place of birth and workplace, the gross assumption that a simpleton would make is all that is required to be successful is hard work. On the other hand if one mines the data of achieving success with a college degree the stats clearly showcase that the chances are greatly increased, but still are varied. 

Even with the chance of knowing that you’re one of those beings who knows this fact, your chances of success greatly depends on the country, society or even family you live in/with. To grossly oversimplify, the minute you are created (scientifically or religious, whatever your inclinations might be) the chances of being successful are stacked against you. 

Finally if you are feeling down know that even the brilliant creator of Universe the Almighty, the omnipotent, the supreme God also ended up as a failure as we were supposed to be his greatest, flawless creation-Yeah, right. 


Since for me it will be the final post of this year, I will keep it short. 

So the word is ‘Resolution’. Now given the time frame it’s expected that this word will come around a lot, but the word in itself has become more of a social obligation rather than an individual choice. 

The whole idea of resolution was at least in general to try something new. But over the years the trend has shifted. No longer the word is associated in general with new, rather nowadays it’s about ‘restraining’ the old. So cut on the carbs, control that anger, and sleep less. From basic dietary preference to world peace (even though it remains more tounge in cheek), resolutions have become (at least for majority of us), synonymous with failures. 

At the end of year most people think dreadfully about those resolutions that they couldn’t complete, only to follow the same exercise again. It’s hard to be enthusiastic about being restrained after all. 

But for me my resolution has always been met with success, for every year my resolution remains the same, Never to make any resolution. No wonder my dad often call me an ass, since resolution about no resolution is basically plain stupidity. “It defeats the purpose”, he says. 

For me I will go with my sibling definition for my act, Idiot paradox. 

Written for Linda G. Hill Stream of Consciousness Saturday. The word this week is Resolution. 


There is a reason for people to believe in hope. Hope for them, gives reason to be positive and look forward to living their life. As life is no bliss, hope is a drug that is strongly recommended. It’s as they say, “Better to be hopeful” or “Hopeful for a better future.” 

In contrast many will argue that being hopeful somewhat equates to being naive. They argue that being hopeful already gives a clear view that things are not going as planned. So instead of turning to the future, confronting the present is important. 

Then comes the idea that hope is an overhyped phenomenon. It’s not common for people to both loose and gain from hope. Since men is an intelligent social being, it’s environment (both social and personal) is effected by others, so there will always be a cause of concern as well as there will always be conflict. Hope as they say is just a negative feeling in itself ‘ause it makes you realise the vulnerability that had gripped an individual, a society, a country,  and in case of an epidemic or natural disaster the whole of humanity. 

For me hope is feeling that is unique to human beings. If it wasn’t for hope, men would have not come out of the caves and made some of the most inhabitable lands, habitable. It is also very much a personal emotion as well as a social one. But I also feel hope is sometime pessimistic as no one said that all men will hope for good things.