The mind deluged with varied emotions, the heart echoing precariousness with a thumping beat.

The dilated pupils repudiating the plea to revert to the original state, thus reflecting this unsolicited change.

With the arms covering the face, the face being buried in the knees, and the knees trembling with frailty the lips whisper a prayer seeking the blessings of reverting.

But the realization betrays the hope, the medley of emotions overwhelming his senses. “How could he have fallen”, he asked?, he tried to raise his head in an attempt to see the heavens, as if he could catch a glimpse of God himself who could answer his question.

He never realized that this could be so hurtful. He regretted catching this disease the silly thing which everyone ignores; but once bitten and not cured can leave you helpless , and in some extreme cases could even destroy you.

The silly thing called Love.

written for Sensei Challenge the word is silly

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