Au revoir

It’s been a month since I posted last. This is annoying to me, since I used to post regularly on my (now defunct) last blog. Well also I think I’m starting to get more and more annoyed by little things.

So it seems that my friend Jim wants me to share a little about myself. Hmm.. I currently have no intentions of putting myself out on the web. I’m anonymous, and that’s the way I like it. Jim is not alone, Stoner my other pal, also wanted me to open up.

But that  poses a conundrum, a personal one at best. You see I’ve grown use to, and comparatively a few, dear pals at WordPress (and yes Sandi if you’re reading this, I still consider you as my friend). That means I sometimes ask persistently personal questions to them. Sensei can vouch for it.

But not everyone is comfortable. Lord knows who I could be in hiding, maybe a guy in Africa trying to scam other people. So it’s wrong to ask, when you yourself are not willing to share anything.

As told right now at this stage of my life my anonymous nature gives me a comfort. I’m not yet comfortable to shrug it off. But it’s my basic nature to ask questions in comment box, those who see me in their comments can vouch for that. Hence the conflict remains.

As I’m technically not blogging, and raiding the comment sections of my pals without sharing any personal details, I think it’s time to leave WordPress. I don’t know when I’ll return to blogging or commenting. I’m not going to shut down this site like the last one. I can’t vouch for the future, but it was a blast to blog, and make friends here at WordPress.

All the best. I hope Jim books get published, Sensei eats lentils and flat bread, and remains healthy, Stoner remains headstrong and Allison successful.

Signing out,