Snapping, on a wrist 

A loop that holds,
Holds my sanity
And still some push
Push me to the limit
They think I can hold
Hold, whatever is thrown at me
But when I snap and hurt them back
Their wrist get sore
Their mind goes blank
Their thoughts, like myself breaks…
Their numbness, with my severed body
Is the only thing that, remains…. 

Linked to dVerse Poetics. Sarah is hosting. The theme relates to mindfully writing about something in one’s hand.

18 thoughts on “Snapping, on a wrist 

  1. Ooh, that’s interesting. First of all, I liked those repetitions at the end and start of lines – it gives it a driving rhythm. Next, it made me think of using rubber bands to prevent obsessive thoughts and things like that, and then it seemed to open out to cover the human condition.

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    1. While I was in high school there was this craze of snapping rubber bands on the wrist whenever a bad idea came to mind. It was used as some sort of disciplinary exercise, although the psychological aspects on the act varies. Thank you for reading and commenting


  2. I like the metaphor and the interesting object you chose as well as the repetition style . We can only be stretched so far, and then it’s not good for anybody.


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