Unwavering I stood, to face the fears
Vanquished, being the conclusion
Wary, I was now being left alone
Xenium of fear, by the darkness
Yielded, under pressure it flowed
Zizz, of my parents finally broke

Linked to dVerse.  Lillian is hosting with alphabet sestets. I don’t have to tell, but it’s not a great memory of my childhood. 


27 thoughts on “Bed-wetting

  1. A difficult time for sure…and probably for many of us. There is a link between bed-wetting and emotional struggles. Or sometimes a physical thing….I had a kidney infection when I was a child that caused the same symptom.

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  2. The “finally broke” is such a telling last line. I love the entrance directly into the child’s experience, and the subject matter is so unique that even with the letters you chose, the form of the sestet retreats into the background for the story to emerge. Beautifully done.

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