It’s a sight that he ignored,  ignored as he, like his wealth, took it for granted too. But now as he struggled, and met his forgotten friends; called fear and hunger, he remembered the comfort and warmth that he felt bathing in it. 

In the bitter coldness of that first dark night, when he shivered violently, he immediately understood the helplessness of the situation he was under. He wanted to cry, let out a howl of anguish developing within him. But he stopped, fearing it might attract some animals, who too like him, would be hungry. 

“Better be alive than waiting for the death to arrive”, he whispered, the words bearing a nervous smile. 

His eyelids got heavier, he feared that soon; because of the fatigue, he might pass out. Suddenly his exposed back felt a warmth which he desperately needed. As he turned he was welcomed by the sight, that as mentioned before, he ignored and took for granted, the sight of dawn. Those lights of hope, and not to mention their warmth, embraced him. 

At that moment he could hear someone calling out his name. He knew that the rescue team was nearby, but before calling out to them,  he strangely for a minute or two gazed at the sight, which earlier in his life was a nugatory phenomenon, the sight of that earlier, hope-filling dawn. 

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt

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