It’s too crowded for my taste. If only Evelyn was here, time flies when I’m with her. Unlike this place where time stand, or appears to be standing still.

Why bother, I ask. Didn’t Buddha said, “In the end we, and all our creations perish”. Why we need to remember. Is it because we the humans have a tendency to keep records? I mean record keeping is the signature activity of our species.

But all these people; don’t they realise that like the records they create, they soon themselves become records, actually some of them already are in them. It’s true what they say, numbers don’t lie. Who knew that the basis of the individualism of the modern capitalistic society; is in reality collectively based on numbers? 

The world after all, was, is and will always remain, a prison.

Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit: Roger Bultot.

10 thoughts on “Exanimate

  1. I’m confused. I thought the title means what I would term inanimate i.e. no activity. I hadn’t come across the word exanimate before so I went to the thesaurus to satisfy my curiosity and found it is based on the word animate. Interesting piece of writing. The world as a prison is a very sad view.

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    1. I agree that it’s a doleful look, but the fact that it’s not possible to escape the world, not to mention scope of unforeseen and the hierarchy of power existing in the current society, or for that matter, in all of human history; may in any case resonate the feeling of the world to be a prison. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  2. That’s a pretty bleak picture of the world and human life in all its ages of history. I see the world not as a prison, but as a wonderful place to experience and enjoy. And I firmly believe in capitalism. I guess we just see through different ends of the telescope.

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    1. This was just an inept writing attempt to showcase the thinking of an individual whose thoughts may, or may not be resonating with mine. I apologise if it was any way perceived to be melancholic towards human life, society, history and culture.

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      1. No need to apologize. I felt bad after I posted my comment. I’m not usually critical, but the damage was already done. Not sure why your post–which was very well-written, by the way–nudged me the way it did, but one of the beautiful things about this group is that while we do offer constructive criticism now and then, we do not criticize one another’s thinking. So I’m the one who was out of line, and I’m sorry for that.

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  3. I found that a very interesting take on the prompt – more than that, it’s an interesting take on life. In the western world we are very privileged. We have enough freedom to give us at least the illusion of autonomy. People in much of the rest of the world are so trapped by the system of power have very much less freedom – they are deeply oppressed by poverty. For many of them the world probably does seem a prison.
    As you can see, your post has prompted me to think…so you’ve written a good piece!


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