It’s complicated 

No one said life was going to be easy. But come on people, everyone thought no matter how tough it will be at least it would be simple, in terms of what to expect and what to get, right. As a millennial, I grew up in two different worlds, yes I’m a millennial, a pre iPhone one. I’ve seen the birth of internet. I’ve seen the rise of market Capitalism; or as some would say Consumerism.

I’ve also seen terrorism, the views of Catholic Church changing, and people getting more and more conservative in their approach. I’m also afraid I’m seeing the decline of Western hegemony of political power, also the rise of the Asian communist giant China (who knew, right).

So the world is not simple, your life is not simple, the environment too is changing, literally I mean. (Climate change too is not simple, not for idiots and Scientists alike).

So the world has become a shitty place, people are becoming less tolerant (and more religious), while majority of my generation are turning out to be ignorant (worse than hippies in their negligence of world affairs), and to top it all off, we have a Trumpster in office. Simple, I don’t think so. If everything goes south, I am going to blame the baby boomers, (Not Sensei and Jim) just kidding, or am I? See it’s anything but simple.

Written for Sensei’s One word prompt FOWC

12 thoughts on “It’s complicated 

  1. I was trying to figure out your age from this post as you gave out a lot of clues here. You classify yourself as a millennial which means that you were born between 1981 and 1996 making you between 22 and 36, but then you say that you saw the birth of internet occurred on January 1, 1983, so now I figure that you are between 34 and 36. This is the most information that you have ever revealed about yourself.

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  2. Things are complicated, or as I like to say, overlapping. You’d be surprised the changes when we take up small things. For while things are complicated, positive change is usually pretty simple. For example, we are social creatures. I think we forget that, and assume technology meets that basic need. Community…relationships…embracing strangers for simple interactions has a tremendous ripple effect.

    I know this because I work in corrections. It would probably stun you the impact basic respect to another human yields. It certainly doesn’t fix everything. But, if we as individuals embrace other humans for the sake of connection, I expect the world won’t seem as far gone. I know just by joining social media activist groups I already feel we will eventually be okay because there are SO many of us simple strangers that care enough to help each other. That is, for me anyway, the purpose of humanity.

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    1. From where I grew up I always had a hard time investing in other people. It’s not something I could still easily do. I admire people who can, like you for example, multitask, manage to make a real change in society and yet still firm to their roots. For me at the end of the day what matters is peace, which I’m afraid in my life is as scarce, as water in the desert.

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      1. 🙂 I have my children to thank for the better pieces of my personality development. It’s hard putting yourself out there personally. I’m periodically reminded why I never did, but at the same time I don’t want my children to be that way. Modeling is THE most important thing I can do. But, not gonna lie, it sucks sometimes…

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        1. I wonder if I’m being stubborn here in refusing to change myself. I guess I will go down with the ship. Unlike you I have no one to Model too. But also, and correct me if I’m wrong, it requires a certain will power. Which I lack. Better to be on the familiar grounds, then venturing into the unknown ones.

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