Is it not a shame to do this. Would it not be wise to consider moving? You’re after all in your thirties, and yet, you sit here complaining about how you live with your parent. And so far do nothing to change it.

Homer took a deep puff. It made him relaxed, although he knew Marvin was telling the truth, all he wanted was someone who could just listen to him, without being wise at the same time.

It was not his nature to make excuses; recently it’s the only thing that he was doing, and becoming good at. He tried not to think about his sudden erratic change in behaviour, but you can’t ignore the changes that happens right in front of your eyes.

Slowly his eyes got heavier, and with it his state of awareness became more and more compromised. He soon saw a dream in which standing on the one side of a hill, he could see a fire erupting on the other. He wanted to run, but was transfixed, and the fire suddenly like a river flowed towards him. “How long will it be, before I could escape the inevitable”, he thought? He could spend his entire salary, but still won’t be living in comfort; as he is now.

“That’s what he had reduced his parent to, slaves”, he thought. He wanted to open his eyes all the way knowing that this was a dream. He could hear Marvin calling him out in the real world. But how he wished the fire would be real, how soothing it looked. “The fire of agony are more torturous”, he thought.

Suddenly his eyes opened and he saw Marvin shaking him violently. “I thought I lost you man. For a minute you weren’t breathing”.

“If only the flames were true”, said Homer, lighting another cigarette.

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt

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