“What secrets can a place like this hold, I wonder?”

“Don’t you mean, I wonder, What secrets can a place like this hold?”

“Stop being an ass; every time for Christ’s sake.”

“I do wonder what’s it like to truly stop existing?”

“Do you want me to do the good deed. Just say it. Your wish will be my command?”

“You know you can’t kill me?”

“And why’s that Good Sir?”

“Well let’s face it, Ghosts can’t kill ghosts. Now can they?”

“You know it’s lonely when the ghosts start talking about killing themselves. I wonder where all the humans are. Alive ones, I mean.”

“I don’t know. But one thing is for sure, it sure sucks to be a ghost in Greenland.”

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt

15 thoughts on “Perfunctory 

  1. I was reading an “Annie” (as in Little Orphan Annie) comic strip from 2002 the other day, and a group of ghosts from the Revolutionary War had the battle where they were all killed over again on the ghostly plane and indeed did “kill” each other before going back to their graves.


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