The labyrinth made him fearful, not because he thought he would be lost. But because he thought he would be; not remembered or missed. As a man and as a child the only thing he ever wanted was people to remember him. Yes he knew that attention seeking habits silently cried desperation. But he needed it, he was fuelled by it. He always wanted people to remember him; but now he realised that he was actually all alone. His friends were with him not because they cared, but they were with him because friendship for them meant someone paying the bill.

He was happy to do it. He always felt he was needed. But now in this eerie silence of this labyrinth he realised that this kind of needing was not what he was looking for. He really needed someone to call out his name, someone to yell his name out loud. At least this way he will understand that someone was looking for him. But this silence was screaming of his loneliness and he just wanted its scream to stop.

Now as the realisation of his own worthlessness dawn upon him, he no longer wanted to live. Yet somehow he didn’t want to die in this labyrinth. It was his wish to get out of this place. He bended his knees, look upward to the ceiling and imagine the heavens looking down on him. “Dear Lord”, he murmured, “I don’t want to die here”. He realised that he was crying. This was a new type of desperation that he was experiencing.

Somehow with some luck he finally managed to get himself out of that labyrinth. As he took a deep breath he realised that some of his ‘supposedly friends’ were roaming outside. He looked up at the heavens, smiled and after asking for forgiveness yelled, “Who’s ready to party?”

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt.

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    1. It’s weird if someone is commenting on my post I’m not seeing notifications. It’s only when I access my post again (which I rarely do) did I realise that people are actually commenting. I thought no one was reading my posts.

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