The pitch-black night; under the open sky, it was a lovely sight to behold. But there was something glowing, or rather flickering at a distance that caught his attention.

He found himself being drawn toward the light. Soon he was standing in front of a cave. As he entered it he found a man sitting by the fire. “Perhaps a vagrant beggar”, he thought. But still it was illegal to camp inside the park without permission.

He didn’t want to sound rude, but he knew that irrespective how the condition of the man is, he must ask him to leave. Laws are meant to be followed. Also he could hurt, or get hurt, by animals who habitat in the immediate vicinity.

“Excuse me”, he said to the person. As the figure turned he could see that he was eating something he cooked on the fire. A flimsy fabric clung to his skin. Jack realised that he was not wearing his Ranger uniform. It was perhaps for the best as the man was not startled by his presence.

“Is this your spot. I’m sorry. I didn’t know. You know how the weather is these days. Can’t survive outside. I just cooked something. Would you like to eat some? Just let me stay for the night. I promise I will leave in the morning”, the man said to Jack.

Jack was astonished by his sincerity. With no worldly possessions he was still offering him food. He didn’t want to throw him out, not tonight at least.

“Just don’t tell anyone about this spot”, Jack said. He left so that the man could enjoy his supper. “Perhaps tomorrow”, thought Jack?

In the wee hours Jack got the news that because of hypothermia a person has died in the cave. Jack sighed and murmured, “Life certainly isn’t fair”.


Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt.

3 thoughts on “Brush

  1. The vagrant was alone and friendless living off the land and trying to survive in desolate places, but overall a real decent guy. The brush that Jack had with this man would certainly leave a lasting impression.

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