“It’s quite peculiar that the among all of the victims found in the woods, the crows were lingering around.”

“What’s peculiar about that. Crows are both hunters and scavangers. Aren’t they?”

“Yes, but the bodies are mutilated, and in a manner in which one could not fathom who or what caused it. I’m afraid even the forensics won’t help with this one.”

“They were stranded there for 5 days. Probably they got injured during the hiking exercise. They must have been rendered immobile. But what happened after that?”

“My guess, it’s the crows that did the deed. They are an intelligent avian species. And they must have known through time of the helplessness of their victims.”

“If that’s what happened, that’s horrid. I wouldn’t want to go like that.”

“Trust me you won’t. Imagine how the media will play it out, Hunted by Crows, When Raven Called, A black messenger of Death.. ”

“I don’t care. But it wouldn’t be nice for the grieving families. Of course the park will get the publicity it desperately needed. What are the chances of that happening?”

“Yeah that’s strange.”Late at night he quickly deleted his bookmark links on How to develop Putrescine and Cadaverine. A grin now decorated his face. 

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt.


27 thoughts on “Ploy

        1. To tell the truth, I’m sick of living… I think I’m just making excuses now for my inability. You know Bullshit lies for not being successful.
          I gotta go now. Take care.


        2. Who knew living would be such a pain? And Stoner don’t worry you were successful, you’ll be. I’m afraid the same can’t be said about me. It is my fear at the same time that this will never be said about me.


        3. Who said i was successful. I dont know whats happening at your end. I know one thing. I cant stop fighting.
          I have adopted a painful strategy. If somebody hurts me i work harder to make myself better.
          And yes its painful. When you are hurt and you are fighting and struggling.
          But it will make me something someday.
          Otherwise i am a bigger failure. You dont know my life you wouldnt be saying this about yourself.


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