Failure is a peculiar concept as it is something that is always used while associating with other phenomenon. The mark of being a failure majorly, though not always, has been associated with lack of accomplishment(s). 

Much of the failures that one associate in his/her life stem from the inability to meet the social standards that are apprehended by majority as a necessity. It can range from simple failures like, not being able to keep yourself neat and tidy, to extreme failures like failing or bunking your academic year. 

Much of the stigma around Failures arises because of the irrationality in the stats associated with success. For one it is often ignored that success is subjective and unlike failure; success is more highlighted in our popular culture. 

For example you might have heard ( it is now popular these days) as how the majority of reported millionaires and billionaires of today’s world are college dropouts. Given that the group is not even making 1% of the current global population, also ignoring other factors like their place of birth and workplace, the gross assumption that a simpleton would make is all that is required to be successful is hard work. On the other hand if one mines the data of achieving success with a college degree the stats clearly showcase that the chances are greatly increased, but still are varied. 

Even with the chance of knowing that you’re one of those beings who knows this fact, your chances of success greatly depends on the country, society or even family you live in/with. To grossly oversimplify, the minute you are created (scientifically or religious, whatever your inclinations might be) the chances of being successful are stacked against you. 

Finally if you are feeling down know that even the brilliant creator of Universe the Almighty, the omnipotent, the supreme God also ended up as a failure as we were supposed to be his greatest, flawless creation-Yeah, right. 


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