“Men came from the sea. It makes sense to die in it. I mean with the polar ice cap melting it’s bound to happen. Right?”, asked Beth. 

“You mean the acquatic ape hypothesis. I don’t believe in it”, said Ben. 

“I believe that the first organism to colonize land migrated out of the water”, said Beth. 

“It came from space, how the hell are you suppose to explain the fossils of Ediacaran?”, asked Ben. 

“Why the hell are you opposed to every viewpoint I make. You are ruining our honeymoon, you ass”, said Beth. 

“Well we are from different streams Beth. The sparks will always fly when we are together”, said Ben. 

“You mean we will always fight like this. Boy, talk about ruining the moment. Here we are in front of a lovely ocean and the only  thing we are discussing is how we will fight in the future because of our scientific leanings.”

“Who talked anything about fighting”, said Ben winking at Beth. 

Beth frowned but Ben could see her blushing. 

“The ocean hides many secrets, so does your heart”, said Ben laughing. 

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt.

19 thoughts on “Crimson

    1. First of all I am not going to get married. Second of all I already argued with you on this topic on the chat room, not honeymoon. ROFL (and yes I have to search Google for this acronym)


        1. I don’t pity your choices. I also seriously doubt anybody will fall for me. And you loved our chocolate conversation. See I made you stop eating them


        2. If you had met them you would 😆

          Stop hating yourself. You are a really nice guy. I don’t think its something that impossible.

          You are wrong here. I eat them everyday. A don’t remember a day without chocolates in my life.

          Now I do feel a bit guilty though

          Liked by 1 person

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