So it seems WordPress can sometimes read my emotions perfectly. So today prompt word is confess. My Sensei, Fandango wrote a post yesterday, Quality and Quantity. It made me think about the time I posted regularly. (Also I read vigorously post of other bloggers and naturally commented on them)

Well things went South pretty quickly. To cut the story short, I deleted my site, waited for one a half month then started afresh. Now I know it will take some time, but still I am not being able to write and read with the same pace as before. And to make matters worst, WordPress isn’t helping either. Except for the JFFS family, my friend Stoner and Allison, most of the bloggers I read are now lost. I tried searching them, but to no avail. Piper, Morpet.. (an Australian blogger), and Calliope (the poet) I just don’t know their full name (or their site) and searching them give arbitrary result. 

Perhaps it’s for the best as now I read other people blog name and their profile name (I found out My Sensei site is This, that and the other). Also it pays in the long run to have a unique name (my name for example return my site as a search result). 

So to cut the whole story short it may seem that I’m back, but still I’m not. If I happen to stumble to your site again don’t feel awkward. Thanks for understanding. I guess I’ll see you around.

11 thoughts on “Gloss

    1. This is I think only 3rd post I have written for the Daily post Sensei. I used to post here regularly, but now even this one I posted so that if there is a previous acquaintance he may not feel awkward for me suddenly disappearing. I used to comment regularly you know.. And one day poof I’m gone..

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  1. We all live with secrets, but by finding the courage to confess them, you can be set free. You will no longer be trying to conceal the embarrassing or unfavorable thing that happened to you by treating it briefly or representing it misleadingly.

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    1. This post was more of a process of spreading information rather than a regular blogging post I guess. I wanted to keep it at a minimum fuss..(so I didn’t discuss my health issues)…But thanks Jim.

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  2. you were very regular before.
    you would post everyday and then talk to people (on comments) everyday.
    maybe thats why.
    you have us.

    and don’t know if I should say this but I learned a lesson recently, stop looking for people after a certain point as you might end up being disappointed.

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    1. So I see you’re drawing regularly. And you have that artistic fervour. Be narcissistic and you will be Picasso or Vinci.. As that the trait all great artist have.. At least that’s what I think.

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        1. Vinci was great while living..he is my favourite among the old guard.. Also I think Picasso became famous too during his lifetime. But God these were narcissistic beings..

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        2. what I am seeing these days all you need to do is die and viola suddenly you are great.
          well.thats another topic.

          I don’t know if my experiments even qualify as art. its helping me, right now thats all what matters


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