“Why are mountains special?”, asked Ray.

“What do you mean?”, asked Joe. 

“All the religion and civilisations praise them. Muhammad met Gabriel there. Moses met Yahawa there. Why is that God chose mountain as his seat? I mean it doesn’t support much life like the rainforest or the oceans. It’s diffcult to mount them. I wonder if God see himself in them, that’s why they are his favourite?” 

“So you mean to say, God is rather difficult to approach and barring a few, doesn’t seem to take a interest in the masses.” 

“Yes. You could say that. Although the analogy isn’t perfect.” 

“I disagree with you,as I think that your analogy isn’t correct.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Well mountains accumulate snow, like God accumulate prayers. This snow feed the rivers, which I shouldn’t even bother to tell you, is the bedrock of our ecosystem. God too give his blessings,which like rivers is the bedrock of spiritualism. Also Mountains are difficult to mount, so is the way of Lord. That’s why God and his angel choose mountain to descend.” 

“You know there is no such thing like God”,I interrupted their conversation. “Besides if there is a God he likes mountain because it reminds him how he nearly obliterated human species. As after the deluge occurred the first sight where the arc landed was a mountain. The symoblism makes him feel powerful. Just like how a Despot would feel”.

“You know it’s a good thing its our final year”, said Ray, “because I know exactly where you will be going after college.”

“Where”, I asked?

“Straight to hell”, said Ray. 

Written for the Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt 

8 thoughts on “Balderdash

  1. Well that was a bit harsh. I know a lot of religious and secular people that continually debate the nature of God without insults. After all, a good question is worth a thousand mundane answers.


  2. The4 the transfiguration of Christ took place on a mountain, where His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light. Maybe mountains are special, because they are closer to heaven.


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