I tried many things, but life forced me to try many more — My own personal quote, so I will just write— by Sight. 

(Here is this one incident my life forced me to try) 

“All the things go round and round, round and round, round and round….”

I was annoyed by the tune being constantly played inside my mind. Recess was about to start. For the first time in my life I was relieved hearing the sound of the lunch bell. Yes, today was nothing special. I will eat my lunch in the field. The fellow classmates will come, will beat the shit out of me and then will ask me to run. Nothing new, but today I decided to bring something with me. I picked it from the kitchen counter. Mom was not looking. I saw it lying around, and so I picked it up. Today it will end.

I patiently ate my lunch. And then I could hear their chuckle and cackle. I was relieved as I thought if I could attack all of them. There were 11 beings in total, so it would require an element of surprise. 

I knew that they will be surprised by my resistance. Basically bullying or any other crime involves a rhythm that if disrupted will either be met with more cruelty (it make them feel more in control), or annoyance (and then being left alone for the day . In all of my resistance I never experienced the latter, but always the former). 

“Guess it was my calling, huh!”,I thought as I turned my head and started staring at them. I learned many things during these ‘sessions’, one golden rule was to never stare while you were getting mowed down. They didn’t like any resistance. They always wanted to fulfill their quota of being a dick and powerful. So it was better to think about other things. I got so used to it that most of the time my body would go numb, and my mind would wander off.

Now there was this guy.  Let’s call him Y, he was the ‘watchmen’, basically his job was to see and make out purely on basis of observation whether or not someone (read teachers or adult) were coming our way, and if they are approaching how their mood is. He also was to respond accordingly. He was somewhat like me, ‘ause we both have to read other people movements to prioritise our interest. 

So Y saw me and suddenly cried, Stop. The main dick of the group, let’s call him X stopped. Seeing X stop the whole group abruptly halted their advance. “Let’s not do anything today”, said Y. 

Although X would never admit it, he was afraid of Y. Y was a son of an ‘important’ man, and the school and teachers always saw Y as the ideal student. For me he was just a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. 

Everyone of the a**holes left the field. For some reason my hand began shaking voilently. I put my hand on my pant pocket to see if I was still carrying the ‘stuff’. I then wanted to repeat a swear word I overheard the previous day, but the only thing ringing in my mind was.. 

“All the things go round and round, round and round, round and round..” 

Written for today’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt from Linda G. Hill. Image credit: John Hain on

7 thoughts on “Scourge

      1. Your opening words, “All the things go round and round, round and round, round and round….” made me put that video up and I love the way the Grateful Dead are so happy when they play that song, but it does end rather abruptly.

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