“What can we be, if it isn’t accompanied by those who stand for us. And when I say stand, I mean it literally as well. Where would humanity be if it wasn’t for still land, still buildings, still trees and the still sun? As these demonstrate stillness is important for development of any species, not just humanity.”

“I disagree with the statement”, said the other voice, “for what you say are ‘still’ are rarely so. The ground moves, slowly but it still does. If it was ‘still’ there wouldn’t be moving plates, and that would mean no earthquakes. Since the ground in itself is moving, the building erected on them are moving too. The tree grows from their roots as well as from their shoots. And sun moves with the galaxy. All these just like the human mind and emotions are completely in a state of flux. And that’s why our species should prioritise our survival, rather than the survival of the alien species. Although we are the colonisers, and this is their planet, we do this for our survival. It is the ‘stillness’ that you talk of that will cause our doom.” 

“Perhaps if we were still, We and this species could have survived mutually. For now our ‘flux’ will be their doom.”

Written for the Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt 

7 thoughts on “Assail

  1. Interesting. I wrote a similar (but much longer) tale about humans vs. ancient colonizers but managed to find a mutually satisfying solution which had the benefit of having never been tried.

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