“Eye, an eye, you have to see the eye.
Why,Why,Why is there a need to try?
If you don’t you’ll get fried. See the eye.
I’m already worn out so I won’t try.
Make one mistake and you will die.
So try, try, try to see the eye.”

“Who the hell does this lunatic talk to. I feel like taking a peek. Come on we’ll just take a quick look.”

“No man,we’re new here. I ain’t messing with a lunatic in a mental asylum. Doesn’t matter if he is strapped or ain’t. I’m not going to risk it. Beside the fellow brother said, the guy is a freak.“

“He’s just messing with your head. Let’s just open the slot and peek man. It’s going to be good. That lunatic is behind bars. Ain’t a thing he can do to us.”

As the two men opened the slot,their laughter was followed by their screeches. As the general air of malise subsided, there was a laughter. The lunatic cackled and started singing,

“I told that I’m worn out and I won’t try..
But they didn’t heed the warning to see the eye..
I too lied and therefore I tried..
Now I am playing with their eyes..
Enucleating them with my hands in the first try..
See told you you will die.”

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo prompt

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