“Let me tell you a tale. There were once two brothers Light and Darkness. Light had a son called Sun, Darkness had a son called Night. Now the monsters were the creatures of the Night. They roam in the comfort of their creator the Darkness.” 

“The men followed Light. They were happy to see the dawn, just like you are seeing now. But Sun wanted to kill Darkness. He thought the monsters are evil. So he asked humans to kill the Night. With sorcery of Science, Night was now slowly poisoned with artificial light. Monsters were hunted down in droves. It was a massacre.” 

“Darkness saw this slow death of his son Night. He got enraged. He decided that he will prevent the Sun from killing the Night. Slowly the humans left this planet as they couldn’t stand the power of Darkness. Many of them were driven insane by its power. These structures were home of those men. You see child we monsters are now living in peace. Although Darkness too has left us, we can now call this planet our home.” 

“But Grandpa,where did the humans and Darkness go. How did Darkness defeated men? I don’t understand.” 

The old monster laughed and said,“You see Darkness found a hole in human hearts, and decided to permanently make this place as his home. The humans started War, killing each other. They almost went extinct. They decided to leave the planet so as to escape the Darkness. But the Darkness still live in their hearts. It doesn’t matter which planet they call home,the Darkness will never leave their side. And so they try to escape from Darkness, while still carrying it inside.”

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt

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