“I think it represents the philosophy of death. The reflection in the clear water taking the shape of an eye, the water both creating the reflection and than seperating the original from it. The creator, water I mean, is the seperating entity behind it all. Is it not a fact that we were created with water. The question remains, which one is real, the bridge above or the bridge below?”  

“You know it is just a picture I took while travelling the country side in England. It’s nothing more and nothing less.”  

“I thought it was a souvenir, you know how you let Jane drowned in the river so we can be together. I still remember your smiling face.”

“It’s our first wedding anniversary. Let us not spoil the mood. Now order something, I have reserved the whole place just for you.” 

As he drank the water, he grinned, “You know me too well. It’s a souvenir.”

Written for this week’s Thursday Photo Prompt from Sue Vincent.

10 thoughts on “Memorabilia 

  1. It is assumed that life formed on Earth, which seems reasonable. Water is the basic biological element of living matter. The chemicals of life can all be made from simpler chemicals that have nothing to do with life. Many chemicals can be broken down in water, so chemical reactions will take place. Hydrothermal vents in under sea volcanoes have water escaping that is thick with bacteria, and this acts like a primordial soup to support a dense population of strange animals. Many organisms live on the energy from the hydrothermal vents.

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