I don’t suppose life is altogether fair. For this week and the last, I had trouble (Reason for me being non-existent here). Had, cause now the trouble has temporarily subside. 

So getting back on the topic. How would you feel, if you wake up 3.00 clock in the morning with shit covered underwear. Naturally you would carry yourself to the bathroom and think, well it happens. You will wash the cloth and after taking a quick shower, get back in bed. Problem solved? Not quiet. 

Imagine going through this process again, and again till dawn breaks. All of your time spend in the bathroom. You have become too weak as shit is followed by puke, more puke, more puke. You get the picture. 

You have passed out, because of weakness, on the bathroom floor. Now imagine, laying there till dawn breaks. You are in an empty house. No one to hear you, no one to listen to you. You can’t even reach the goddam phone. 

Now imagine again, living like this and taking care of yourself like this for two weeks. No one around, no one. 

Thankfully for me, my dad got to take a leak. Found me, and my parent took care of me. 

Gratitude,(Sure I wouldn’t have taken care of me) parent are awsome, Period. 

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